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the cordial cherries

To me, cordial cherries for Valentine’s Day are like Cadbury eggs for Easter, fireworks for Independence Day, and candy corn for Halloween. These confections will make your blood sugar spike and your teeth ache. Yes, I bought a couple boxes from Queen Anne. For that, I apologize.

I broke the month’s posting streak yesterday. Some weekends are busier than others. This was definitely a busy weekend. I ran plenty of errands including finally getting my eyeglasses prescription updated. I hope to place my order for a few pairs of new frames and lenses within the next couple days. Peace out.

the weather machines

After a long and redundant week of work and class, the weekend has finally arrived. I was going to write a longer post about the dream I had last night, but I don’t have the time tonight. I’ll save it for some time this weekend, maybe before I knock out a project due for one of my classes.

I find it a little odd how the weather has been optimal on the weekends but has been extra cold during the week. I blame the government weather machines. Peace out.

the bacon-wrapped pork loin chops

The pork loin chops turned out great. The boneless chops were sprinkled with Kick’n Chicken seasoning, wrapped in bacon, and seasoned again with fresh ground black pepper. The cutlets were fried in a pan for about about 10 minutes then roasted in the oven at 375°F for 15 minutes. They were plated with mashed potatoes flavored with garlic, black pepper, and chives. Delicious!

the post before a late dinner

I just returned from class. Fortunately, this is the latest that I’ll be coming home since the campus closes around this time. The lab assignments are a little more involved than I had anticipated. I already can’t wait for this semester to be over when I’ll be done with educating myself for a while.

M made tortilla soup for us tonight. Tomorrow will be tasty boneless pork loin chops. The weekend is closer than not. Peace out.

the constants

I look forward to Tuesdays with this current schedule. Tuesday is the day of week surrounded by my work+class days. When I return home, I don’t just have to spend the few hours after work to unwind before class. Having the whole afternoon and the entire evening is a delight amongst life’s busy schedule.

I have an eye exam scheduled on Saturday. I’ve heard that eye exams should be done annually, but my last exam was September of 2007. I quickly sifted through these pages and found the post to prove it. My vision has deteriorated enough again to get this long overdue eye exam.

I think M&I will be going to Logan’s for dinner. 2 can dine for 13.99 is calling our names after Wheel of Fortune. Peace out.