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the scraps

scraps cover

I recently visited the site that supplied Scraps, the companion CD to Alkaline Trio’s Remains album. The site has been taken down.

Information on Scraps was posted on Alkaline Trio’s MySpace blog. Anyone wanting this collection had to download and print a couple images: a cipher to decode a message that was the URL to get to the site and a template that was to be cut out and placed over a page of lyrics from Remains to find the keyword, username and password. The keyword was used to decode the cipher. The username and password was used to enter the site which was the answer to the cipher.

keyhole saved from original site

For the sake of providing this to the masses because I still get hits from search queries seeking out this MP3 collection, I am dedicating this permalink as a source for Scraps until the authorities tell me otherwise. These songs are necessary additions to any Alkaline Trio fan’s collection.

Scraps by Alkaline Trio
download artwork | download audio

Instructions (as told from the original site):

  1. Download audio (ZIP file) & burn to CD-R
  2. Download artwork (PDF format)
  3. Print – Cut – Paste – Assemble sleeve and CD label

The files have not been modified in any way. Enjoy.

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