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the looking forward

My two posts a week goal quickly went by the wayside, but I won’t stop updating once in a while. Summer has returned again. Texas is hot.

Next Friday, M&I will be heading down to San Antonio in the evening to watch Adam Carolla perform stand-up. The last comedy show we attended was Louis CK at The Paramount. I’m really looking forward to the show next week and having some genuine laughs.

I’m truly going to keep this one short. Our green tea is ready. The toast to my daily sandwich is ready for the meat and cheese. Bedtime is near. Tomorrow’s Friday, and I’m also looking forward to this weekend. Looking forward. I’ve been doing that more than ever. Peace out.


Comment from Alberto Brodhead
Time: 5 October 2012, 23:48

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Comment from Berry Morrell
Time: 21 December 2012, 9:32

i always enjoy taking a hot bath on a bath tub. it feels really great.

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